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  • About Kreher Enterprises

    We have been farming since Henry and Wilhelmina purchased some land in Amherst NY in 1924. The manure from our laying hens was used as a crop fertilizer on our farm. In 1994 we put in a new style of housing in which the manure was collected on conveyor belts and could be easily transported every few days to a composting building. We contracted with a local equipment manufacturer to build a composting machine.

    In 1997 we installed a pellet mill to convert the composted poultry manure to a form which could be dried and was easy to handle. As our customer base grew and word spread about our product, we began to supply some large fertilizer marketers. At times we were shipping product as far south as Alabama.

    As the local organic movement grew, we began supplying organic farms in New York, Vermont, Massachusetts and Connecticut.

    Since our composted manure is from chickens that are egg producers, our fertilizer contains higher amounts of calcium due to the dietary requirements of the hens. Composting the manure raises the temperature to over 135 degrees F which kills any weed seeds that may pass through the hens and also kills off any harmful bacteria.

  • An Overview of Our Products

    5-4-3 with 9% Calcium OMRI Listed   OMRI_logo_transparent_small

    Made from composted poultry manure (see below) with no other ingredients. By pelleting the compost, we are able to dry it down. This product is available in bulk, 1 ton super sacks or 50lb. bags.

    Click here: 5-4-3 Label

    4-3-10 High Potassium Pelleted Blend

    Made from composted poultry manure (see below) and OMRI listed sulfate of potash. We use this in our own crop fertility program as a starter fertilizer for our corn crop. This product is available in bulk, 1 ton super sacks or 50lb. bags.

    Click here: 4-3-10 Label


    Made from a blend of composted poultry manure (see below) and feather meal. This product is available in 1 ton super sacks or 50lb. bags.

    Click here: 8-2-2 Label

    • Sunrise 5-4-3 OMRI Listed   OMRI_logo_transparent_small

      Made from composted poultry manure from our certified organic cage-free laying hens.  Available in #50 bags. OMRI listed.

      Click here: Sunrise 5-4-3 Label

    Composted Poultry Manure

    Our compost is produced by turning poultry manure approximately every 3 days. By supplying forced air through the pile we are able to keep the piles from going anaerobic. We monitor temperatures to make sure the pile temperature is over 135 degrees F for more than 3 turns of the pile. This product is sold in bulk form by the ton in truck load lots.

    Belt House Manure

    This is manure from our henhouses which is NOT composted. It can be used as a general use soil amendment.

  • Contact Kreher Enterprises

    Are you interested to learn more about Kreher Enterprise products or would you like to know how to purchase Kreher Enterprise products? Visit our contact page to reach out to us today and we will respond within 1-2 business days.

    Compost/Fertilizer Sales: (716) 512-3857

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    NOFA Approval

    Some of our products are approved for use on organic farms by Vermont Organic Farmers LLC.

    Click here: NOFA letter of approval

    OMRI Listed

    Click here: 5-4-3 w/ 9% Calcium OMRI

    Click here: Sunrise Organic 5-4-3 OMRI