Eggland’s Best Eggs

Eggland’s Best Eggs

  • About Eggland’s Best

    Kreher’s Farm Fresh Eggs proudly produces America’s #1 Egg, Eggland’s Best! The Eggland’s Best consumer commitment is to deliver a nutritionally superior egg that is the best in quality, taste, and freshness. Compared to ordinary eggs, EB eggs contain 2x more Omega-3, 25% Less Saturated Fat, 10x more Vitamin E and so much more!

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  • Superior Feed

    The secret behind creating the Eggland’s Best egg is our special, all-natural hen feed. Eggland’s Best eggs come from hens fed an all-natural, all-vegetarian diet consisting of healthy grains, canola oil, and an all-natural supplement of rice bran, alfalfa, sea kelp, and Vitamin E. The EB feed contains no animal by-products and no recycled or processed foods.

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