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  • Kreher’s Farm Fresh Eggs

    Our Upstate New York family farm is owned and operated by the third generation of family farmers. We have been producing eggs for decades with a focus on providing the freshest and tastiest eggs to your local grocer.

    Today, we’re proud to offer a variety of eggs and egg products, including cage-free, cage-free organic and traditional.

  • Our Standards & High Quality Promise

    The first item to impact the quality and taste of an egg is the feed that our hens eat each day. We source high quality feed that is also high in nutritional value.

    At Kreher’s Farm Fresh Eggs, our mission is to produce the finest, freshest quality eggs.

    Our eggs meet the highest quality assurance standards, and every aspect of production is constantly monitored and managed. Lastly, the majority of our eggs are on store shelves within 72 hours of being produced.

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  • Sourcing high quality feed ingredients means sometimes “you just have to do it yourself.”

    We farm three thousand acres of organic crop land with most of the crops we produce going into the feed we mill onsite. The composted manure fertilizer used on the crop land is produced using procedures in compliance with the National Organic Program.

    We farm additional crop land using conventional methods. Locally producing grain lowers the environmental impact of shipping in grain from out of state. It also enables us to provide employment to the local community.

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None of this would be possible without the support and dedication of our team. Our hard working team members are here every day of the year (because hens don’t take weekends and holidays off from laying eggs) to make sure the highest quality, freshest eggs are produced and delivered to your local grocer.

Our History

  • Henry and Wilhelmina started farming in 1924. The farm started on an 18 acre plot of land with the first livestock being a few cows, pigs and 54 chickens. Henry liked working with the chickens more so than the other livestock, so he began to expand that portion of the farm to include breeding and hatching. The next generation grew up on the family farm during the Great Depression. The values developed during this challenging time are what drive our business practices to this day.

    Henry, Don, and their wives, Lois and Marge, continued to grow the poultry portion of the farm through the 50’s and 60’s and their children would work before and after school around the farm. The third generation started to become partners in the business during the late 70’s. Today, 18 family members in the third and fourth generation work on the farm.

    In 1993, we began producing and marketing Eggland’s Best Eggs. We also transitioned 3,000 acres of cropland to certified organic making our farm the largest organic crop farm in New York State.

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Our Values

  • We pride ourselves on our family farm legacy and our ability to work together to serve our customers and our community beyond their expectations. This is done by maintaining the values handed down to us from our parents and grandparents.

    One phrase heard often was “Do the right thing and do things right.” This means everything from leading the way in agricultural stewardship to our concern for the wellbeing of our team members.

    By accomplishing all of these goals while still being able to offer our products at an affordable price, we are a truly sustainable farm.

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